Class, Arabic Tradition, Beauty, FUN!

Vendor Team

Venue Benton Convention Center 301 W. 5th Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Billings Estate Weddings & Events Holli Billings
Kyle Mercer

Photography by Emma Frances Logan

It was a pleasure to work with all of these amazing people and businesses to have such a successful day! Cheers to many more!!

Michelle wrote:
“DJ Erik was incredible to work with! I knew my wedding would be a tough one trying to blend Arabic and English but he did it so well! My dad, one of the toughest critics I know, was so impressed with how well Erik would flow back and forth between the two languages! People were dancing the whole night!”

WOO! This review was what we needed to read! It is amazing we were able to impress with our skill set to have anyone and everyone let loose and celebrate the way they need to! I mean, look at this party!!!

The excitement, intensity and emotion was amazingly photographed by Emma!!

The reception venue, Benton Convention Center, was perfect! Lovely, inviting and practical! What more could we ask for?!