DIY DJ Package Rental

Is a DJ out of your budget?

Are you only looking for equipment?

You still deserve a party with LOUD music and lights!

We provide a rental package that can turn any family member into your event or wedding’s DJ; we call it our DIY DJ package. All you have to do is pick it up the morning of, and drop it off the next morning.

1. Pick up DJ equipment from our office

2. Receive simple but thorough instructions on how to set up and use the gear

3. Throw your own amazing event or wedding using our gear

4. Return the DJ rental package in the morning

It’s that simple!

DIY DJ package includes…

  • Two loudspeakers on stands

  • Two wireless microphones for toasts or announcements

  • Dance floor lights so you can throw The party that you deserve

  • All the cables you will need

  • An easy step-by-step instruction manual on how to set up and use everything

We will have you set up to where all you need is something to plug into an aux cord (that we also provide) to play and control your music!

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