Catawba Brewery: Beer and… Throwing Axes?

Vendor Team

Catawba Brewery The Barrel Room

Wedding Coordinator

Eddie Lovin

The Nixons

Dow Oak Events

Maxwell Catering

Cake Decorator
Easy Peasy

The Flower Diva, Inc.

Look at this combo: upscale craft beer from Catawba brewery and an indoor axe throwing range. What’s not to love?

And seriously, look at this venue space. The industrial vibe went perfectly with the beer and axes. And the lighting was really the icing on the cake. The open space was also perfect for dancing. And with the dance floor lights, it was definitely a party. And we love seeing everyone living it up.

All the vendors together are really what made this wedding. Cake? Top notch. Flower arrangements? Off the chain. Venue? Heck yes. And all this rolled into one wedding? A+ for sure.

For real though, look at these flowers. The combination of the uplighting and the natural light of the venue really made everything look phenomenal. And with The Nixons Photography, we’ll be able to remember exactly how awesome it looked.

This was definitely a wedding we’ll remember. Everyone was letting loose and just having a good time. And these are just the kinds of weddings we love to do.