Wedding In the Woods

Vendor Team

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary
(810) 488-9448
1501 Rock Creek Dairy Rd.
Whitsett, NC 27377

Wedding Coordinator
Carly Marie Abernathy

Liz Grimes

Amanda Sutton Photography

Dow Oak Events

Hillsborough BBQ

Cake Decorator
Whole Foods- Chapel Hill

Whole Foods- Chapel Hill

WOW! Is all that can be said at the beauty in these pictures. The people, flowers, venue… the thoughtfulness of the Bride and Groom for the guests. All of this leaves us a bit speechless, although I an going to try my hardest to write something as beautiful as this day.
Let us start with the venue up there! The ceremony was tucked away in the woods. It was simple, gorgeous, elegant and perfect with offerings and fans for the guests. The venue team did a phenomenal job crafting this scene.
THE FLOWERSSS!!!!!! They are to die for!! Whole Foods in Chapel Hill ROCKED it!!! Misha’s bouquet is something seen in dreams! The centerpieces for the tables are simple and leave room to notice the origami crane place settings. This is a marvelous idea with them standing for Honor and Loyalty! It’s so sweet and cute!!! Look at the gazes captured in these next few shots by Amanda Sutton Photography. It is exuding love, fun and adoration!!! The true emotions captured at the most perfect times!

Now, this… This is another very thoughtful gift for the guests. Seeds to take home for wedding favors!! The Bride and Groom even went as far as to researching what will grow here in North Carolina and what will grow in Washington!!! We need more people like these people!!

Here’s to the couple that was so thoughtful, fun, different and beautiful! May every path begin and end with the love you two hold in this picture below. This is what matters. Other things will fade, come and go, constantly change. You guys have IT. Keep it!!