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To see how we have come to be such a large and highly rated DJ company as quickly as we have, you need to understand the owner, Erik Massengale

Meet the Owner

The only things Erik cares about are the clients, the growth and success of dow oak events, the dow oak DJs and other employees, and his cats.

This would be one of those situations where “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard,” but then we decided that wasn’t enough, so we tacked on “more talented than most and completely obsessed with djing” and rolled with that instead.

As a multi DJ company, with someone like this at the head, to where all its employees are shadowing their methods, there is no chance of finding a higher quality of service without spending absolute top dollar, and it is just that simple.

To see more about Erik, click his picture for his DJ biography.

We offer a higher quality of service at a lower price consistently. Instead of cutting back on quality of service or equipment to lower costs, we streamline our planning process.
We have built a wedding planning software that is only accessible with dow oak events. Our clients are provided a profile and account on this online system, and can very easily plan their wedding with us front to back, but without having to email constantly back and forth, plan a bunch of meetings, and wait for scheduled phone calls.
We meet with our clients once they are done filling out the information in their account, and that’s it. This reduction of headache and planning hours on our end is another huge way we can cut costs without cutting back on quality.

But wait… there’s more!

All of our DJs use a more modern style of mixing when it comes time to dance; you won’t see any shuffled playlists from us, we “beat match” and mix the music together (when possible) as if a constant stream of music with no interruptions.

Some “DJs” vs. the Dow Oak DJs

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