Ryan Greene

Ryan Greene was born and raised in Durham, NC. He came to Greensboro to begin his music career in 2013. Learning the ropes from the veterans, he has quickly risen as a top DJ.

Ryan has always been into music. He started learning classical guitar when he was 12. And since then has picked up many other instruments as well. From bass all the way down to ukulele. He also worked as an audio instillation technician for years. So naturally, these skills combine to make him an all around great DJ. He has made a name for himself with his outgoing personality and musical background.

“I’ve always loved music. But not just the sounds, everything about it. From the technical aspects to the instruments, everything. And I love being able to use all of that knowledge.”

Here’s what people are saying about Ryan…

Dow Oak Events was amazing for our wedding. Our DJ Ryan read the crowd, was professional, on-time and courteous. Honestly without Ryan and Dow Oak Events the night wouldn't have been the same. Their photo booth was actually one of the nicest I've ever seen and they put together a scrap book for us from all our guests. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with this group.

Michael , married on 05/25/2019  weddingwire.com
Michael , married on 05/25/2019

We worked with Ryan G. for our wedding, and he really keeps the party going. Every song we requested got played, and the energy was fantastic all night. We would absolutely recommend Dow Oak!

Hillary , married on 04/20/2019  weddingwire.com
Hillary , married on 04/20/2019

To say that Ryan did a great job is an understatement. Ryan literally saved our wedding day! We hired a violinist to cover the ceremony and cocktail hour. Well 5 minutes before we are about to head out we got the worst news anybody could get on there wedding day. The violinist never showed up and when we call her she says "OMG its Saturday?". Just as the panic started to set in Ryan shows up early! We told him our situation and he takes down our songs for the ceremony and says "give me 15 minutes". 15 minutes later we head out and it was the perfect ceremony! He did a great playlist for cocktail hour as well. We were all so impressed by how smoothly everything went given the amount of pressure and that Ryan had no time to prepare for this. The reception was amazing and Ryan played the perfect song at the perfect times. There is no way we could thank Dow Oak Events more for what they did. They saved our wedding day from being a catastrophic mess!

Benjamin Padgett, married on 01/19/2019  weddingwire.com
Benjamin Padgett, married on 01/19/2019

Ryan was great and flexible with us and my venue. When he noticed it was hard to hear in the dining room- he walked to each table instead of calling out table numbers for dinner. Thank you Ryan!

Amanda Washam , married on 12/15/2018  weddingwire.com
 Amanda Washam , married on 12/15/2018

Ryan was amazing a lot improv happened that night that night and the dj was very accommodating. The dance floor was full even though it was a small wedding the dj managed to get the party started. And they played Spanish super smooth. This bride was happy.

Michelle Muneton , married on 11/10/2018  weddingwire.com
Michelle Muneton , married on 11/10/2018

We were blown away from the very first phone conversation with DJ Ryan. He was professional, personable, flexible, and listened to what we wanted to do. When it came to the big day he showed up on time, set up without any issues and proceded to make our night run as smoothly as possible. He provided a lapel microphone for the ceremony and a handheld microphone for the toasts later on. It is no joke when I tell you that we had a hard time getting people off the dance floor at the end of the night. No one wanted to leave, he kept the energy in the room up and moving the whole night. If I were you I would ask for Ryan when you call to see if he is available, you won't be disapointed!!

Lauren W , married on 09/21/2018  theknot.com
Lauren W , married on 09/21/2018

Oh my goodness. I can't tell you how AMAZING my DJ, Ryan Green and Kameron Utterback of Dow Oak Events were at my wedding. Seriously, they kept the party alive the WHOLE NIGHT. They played EXACTLY what I wanted without me having to ask twice. I asked for the artist James Arthur to play for my cocktail hour (Not many people know who he is outside of his one song). The very first song played was by him and I look over and both of them and they were both vibing out just as much as I was. The music was the most important part of my night considering I was a dance major in college and about 1/3 of the guests there were also dance/cheer/theater majors so we were looking to have a good time and dance the night away. Ryan did not disappoint. He was also very good about making sure things happened as smoothly as possible and how my husband and I wanted. I would recommend them 10/10 times!!!

Their website also made it VERY easy for me to make sure the timeline and order of events were perfect. It is very user friendly. The price was exactly right. I honestly got so lucky with them! Thank you Ryan and Kameron!!

Ashley , married on 09/08/2018  weddingwire.com
Ashley , married on 09/08/2018

Ryan was amazing to work with and helped make my wedding day go smoothly! Even though I had a smaller wedding, Ryan did a great job engaging the crowd and getting people up on the dance floor. I’m very glad we had Ryan DJ our wedding reception!

Rachel , married on 07/14/2018  weddingwire.com
Rachel , married on 07/14/2018

Ryan did a great job and played everything on our list! He was personable and very polite. I’m glad we had him as our wedding dj!

Colleen , married on 05/26/2018  weddingwire.com
Colleen , married on 05/26/2018

Absolutely amazing!!!! Fantastic price and unbeatable service. Ryan could not have done a better job and his music selection was perfect. Thanks soooo much for everything!

Christin , married on 05/12/2018  weddingwire.com
Christin , married on 05/12/2018

We hired Ryan for our organization's holiday party (100+ people). Ryan was on time, polite, and even helped with coordination, lights, mic's, etc. He played a smart mix to keep the entire crowd happy! Ryan was awesome! We will definitely hire him and use Dow Oak Events again. A real professional team!!

Jennifer , corporate party on 12/09/2017  weddingwire.com
Jennifer , corporate party on 12/09/2017

We were very happy with Ryan as our DJ. He also did the music for our wedding ceremony and was it was seamless. The music for reception was perfect and kept people dancing all night, I literally did not leave the dance floor! The owner was very responsive to my questions and kept in close contact with me the days leading up to the ceremony so I felt reassured. I will definitely use these guys again for my private events and recommend them to others highly.

MJ , married on 10/07/2017  weddingwire.com
MJ , married on 10/07/2017