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Wedding and Event DJ Services

Looking for a way to pump up the volume? Whether it’s a wedding or an office party, Dow Oak events offers top of the line, professional DJs for any event. Finding the right host for your event isn’t easy. With everything out there, how do you know you’re going with the best? Well, we’ve got hosting an event down to a science. Our highly trained DJs keep everything flowing so you can sit back and listen to the jams. We want to take the stress out of choosing a host for your wedding, bar mitzvah, or BBQ. Our club-quality DJs can get any party started without breaking the bank. With high quality equipment and killer music, our DJs will hype up any crowd. With club quality sound and lighting, how could it not be hype? Our DJs have been around. We know the venues, the event spaces, the places, and the people. So we know how to really get things going.

Regular floors are boring. So our DJs bring the party lighting with them. Any normal floor can be transformed into a dance floor with the right lighting and music. And that’s something we’ve got covered. With our dance floor lighting, the colors and the beats will be in sync. And that’s one thing that really gets a party going. We’re not trying to be the center of attention. With our gear, the tunes will be. And when we start playing, we have no doubt that you’ll start dancing. Meet with your DJ and get your favorite throwbacks and popular songs on your own customized event playlist. Want to hear early 2000s R&B? We got that. Hottest songs this year? Got that too. Even if you only wanted 90s Disney tunes, we can make it happen. Our DJs have massive song libraries. And the capacity to find any other music your heart desires. With these tools at our disposal, we can make sure you hear exactly what you want to hear. But our DJs don’t just play awesome music. If something needs taking care of, we take care of it. We’ll make announcements and keep things rolling smoothly. We coordinate with planners, photographers, and anyone else necessary. And we’re good at it. With tons of experience and an ear for music, our good-lookin’ DJs know the best way to keep things going awesomely.

We want to take all the stress out of planning your event. So we’ve put everything you’d need to plan on our website. See your contract, your DJ, and make payments all online. We want everything to be as chill as possible. Our DJs travel all over North Carolina, and bring the party with them wherever they go. From beach blowouts to mountain bashes, we’re there. See why people all over the state are choosing Dow Oak Events.

Photo Booth Rental

Are you trying to take your wedding or event to the next level? Dow Oak Events can provide. With our fully stocked photo booth, you’ll have memories you can take home with you. If you’re thinking about booking a Dow Oak Events photo booth, you’ve made the right choice. We set up all our booking to be as simple as possible. It can all be taken care of online. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. While setting up a Dow Oak photo booth is basic, the photos we take are anything but. We want to add to your wedding experience, not dominate it. Our photo booth setup isn’t over the top. But that doesn’t mean the photos won’t be. We use an open-air photo booth. That just means we’re working with a camera and a backdrop. We want to keep it simple. And that also makes it, so our photo booth easily fit into any venue or space. Without taking up the whole place.

Not only are we low key, we’re also as modern as possible. Don’t want to carry around a photo all night? We’ll email or text them to you. Tired of boring photos that don’t move? Add a gif or effect to your photo. Or if adding effects to the photos isn’t your thing, we got you on that too. We can do printouts of the photos right at the booth. You can even have as many as you want. “What if my venue has boring walls?” you may wonder. Never fear, we have backdrops galore. Always wanted a photo of you as a pirate? What about a fancy socialite? Well, we got pirate hats. We got feather boas. And we got a lot more where that came from. With our mixture of physical and digital props, it’s impossible to take a boring photo. So if you want to liven up any party, our photo booth is the way to go.

Up Lighting and Monograms

The right lighting can make or break any event. This is something we understand well. And we want to make sure you have the best lighting possible. That’s something we’re about. “What if the lighting at my venue is terrible?” you may wonder. Not a problem! We can take anything bad and make it rad. Don’t want weird headaches from flickering office lights? We got you. With our dance floor lighting, any room can become an awesome dance floor. Maybe you think a venue would be good for a wedding but less good for a reception? Well stop thinking that! The right lighting is the least expensive way to control the mood and colors of any space. Coordinate with your DJ and pick out lighting that matches your music. Chill or hype, we can make it happen. Want to take it up another notch? Uplights can be added to any DJ package. Dance floor lighting is one thing. But if you really want to create a party atmosphere, uplights are your ticket. Create a color-coordinated dance floor and venue space to set the party mood. Want to make all your friends jealous? Go next level and add a monogram to your package. See your initials written across a whole wall. In lasers. Lasers, dance floors, and uplights. Those are all things we’re about. And we’re excited to bring them to you. We want your event to have the perfect atmosphere. And we believe lighting is the way to do that. Lighting is what really says, “it’s time to party.” So we want you to have the best lighting possible for your event. All our DJ packages come with dance floor lighting. And we’ll even set it up. All you have to do is enjoy the atmosphere. Talk with your DJ about adding uplights or a monogram to really get the party started.

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