Wedding or… Night Club with some newlyweds?

Vendor team

Millennium Center
101 W 5th Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101 336-723-3700

Yasmin Leonard Photography 336-848-0003

Entertainment and Lighting
DJ Erik with Dow Oak Events 336-213-7528

This one was so memorable; we had to dig back through our files to make sure it made it to our blog. Meaghan and Andrew Moore, sometime in July of 2017 (yes, it is old enough to lose some of the information), let me just say… there are some weddings that truly remind you of why you got into the career, and this may be one of my top examples. The very talented Yasmin Leonard captured the mood of the party better than I could have imagined, once I got the pictures, I was blown away. A true master of her craft would be an under statement. The Millennium Center and the staff was a pleasure to work with; they really opened the doors for me to focus 100% on the music, which as you can see in these pictures… worked. I can’t say enough fun things about this day… but they say a picture is worth a thousand words… so here’s a bunch of pictures! 😀

Okay, honestly there are so many pictures that look pretty similar because its just like 300 people with their hands all in the air…