Award-Winning DJ Services

Want to really take your event to the next level? Look no further. We bring the music and the party with us wherever we go. Meet your DJ and plan your perfect event. We got the jams. And we’re more than happy to bring them to you.

Dow Oak Events is consistently recognized for our quality DJing and affordable rates. But we’re not just awesome DJs. There’s definitely an art to hosting an event. And we’ve got that down. With all our experience and killer music, there’s no way your event won’t be off the chain.

We want planning your event to be as headache-free as possible. Make your own account with us and plan your entire event online. Let us know what type of music you want. Create a timeline. See your contract. And even do all your payments. All entirely online and headache-free. Whether you want the biggest hits from this year or your favorite throwbacks, we can make it happen. With our online planning, we’ve got all the bases covered.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Each DJ with Dow Oak has been consistently recognized as top quality. You wouldn’t settle for anything other than the best. So we won’t either. With our top of the line DJs, we can make sure everything goes as perfectly as possible. And our DJs have the experience to make sure that happens.

We’re not cheesy DJs. We’re not here to practice our standup routines. We’ll make all the necessary announcements. We’ll throw an awesome dance party. And most importantly, we’ll make sure any event goes as smoothly as possible. We do more than just play music. We’re total event hosts (with awesome music).

We offer modern, club-style DJs with top of the line equipment. Our DJs are mobile and versatile. However you want your event to go, we’re trying to help.