Event Lighting Rental

Worried that a venue or event space would be perfect for a wedding but that the reception would be blah? Worried that your event space just doesn’t seem like a party space? Well we’ve got it under control. Adding the right lighting can turn a normal, bland room into party central. All our DJ packages come with dance floor lighting. So turn off those terrible fluorescents. We know how to get everyone into a dancing mood. And it’s not with normal lights. With dance floor lighting included in our DJ packages, the dance party can really get going. Because nothing says “dance” like crazy lights.

Up Lighting

Do you really want to have total, awesome control of a room’s ambiance? If yes, the answer is uplights. Change the whole feel of a room to your preferred feel. Like warm autumn tones? We can do that. Really into purple? We can do that too. Want a crazy medley of all colors? We can even do that.

There really isn’t a better way to control the mood of a room than the lighting. And we’re very familiar with that fact. Our lights are super portable and crazy affordable. The right lighting can make or break any dance party. So we’ve worked hard to make sure our lighting is inexpensive and effective. We want the mood to be right. From chill and mellow to crazy and hype, we can do it all.

Want to see what we mean? Check out the difference.

Monogram Projection

Hate when walls don’t have your initials on them? Well then we have the fix for you. To really take things to the next level, we can set you up a monogram projection. See your names, dates, or whatever else you want projected 10 feet high onto a wall. With lasers. Choose your preferred words, style, or any other content. And we’ll take care of the rest.


The best lighting also creates the best pictures. With your logo on the wall and your colors on the floor, there’s no way your photos won’t be off the chain. And with all these features, there’s no way your event won’t be off the chain too. All our lighting equipment is low cost but high quality. We don’t think the equipment itself should take up the whole room. Or that in order to have awesome lighting you should have to deal with looking at a bunch of lights themselves. So we keep our lights out of the way. That way, what you’re getting is lighting, not lights. This approach also makes it so we can work in most any space. From barns to town halls, we’ve brought the party with us all over. See how our experience and equipment can turn any floor into a dance floor. When you sign with Dow Oak Events, you’re not just getting music. We’ll help you create the perfect experience for your wedding, reception, or any other event.